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A New Way to Manage Diabetes

Diabetes Connection will show you a more sustainable approach to managing diabetes so you can enjoy a more confident, joyful life. 

Diabetes Coaching and Education

If you’re struggling with diabetes, you probably won’t find the answers you need in a gym or a diet plan, and the results you seek won’t be found on a bathroom scale. These strategies often lead to weight cycling that creates frustration and a perceived sense of failure.

Learning how to manage diabetes is about mindset. It’s about reconnecting with your feelings and values. It’s about unearthing the truth about the beliefs that hold you back. It’s about healing body image struggles and becoming more confident in your relationship with food. I am here to provide the coaching, education, and support you need to manage your diabetes and reignite your passion for life!

Who I Help

People who have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes and:

  • Feel stuck.
  • Consistently see numbers that are not in the target range.
  • Believe diabetes is their own fault.
  • Measure their worth by the size of their body.
  • Have a love/hate relationship with food.
  • Have a long history of weight cycling.

Instead of reinforcing blame and judgment and giving you a list of strict rules, we celebrate who you are and work together to develop a personalized diabetes management plan that suits your lifestyle.

You’ve Got This!

Marianne McCormick created Diabetes Connection because of her passion to assist others who are having challenges and frustrations with managing diabetes. The process begins with providing a safe space to explore the barriers that are getting in your way, the reasons behind your struggles, and what a sustainable strategy for overcoming these struggles looks like. My mission is to help you break free from the diabetes stigma, reconnect your body, mind, soul, and spirit, and build the confidence within to take back your life!

Are you ready for a new way to manage diabetes?

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to ask questions, share your concerns, and learn how you can start living your best life.