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Core Principles

You deserve to live your best life without diabetes getting in the way!  My philosophy focuses on helping you look inward to build confidence, compassion, and joy, not placing blame or telling you what you can and cannot eat. These are the core principles that guide my approach to diabetes coaching and education.

I believe in you

I believe that people are whole. I honor all that you bring to our sessions. You are not broken or in need of fixing. You are resourceful and I respect and hold reverence for all that you bring forward.  

I believe you deserve better

No person should be defined by their weight or feel shame or guilt because of diabetes. Diet culture and diabetes stigma place needless burdens on people and negatively impact their ability to manage their condition. We will work together to break free of this internalized messaging, understand the mental and emotional toll it has taken, and become laser-focused on your thoughts and beliefs that serve you and those that do not. Healing begins when you embrace who you are on the inside.

I believe in embodied living.

Embodied living is about having a connection between your mind and body. It’s about trusting, appreciating, and listening to your body. The mind speaks in a strong voice, the body often speaks in whispers. How do we honor the body by listening to what it needs? By making decisions from a place of connectedness, you can overcome fear, find joy, and take back your power!

I believe in self-compassion.

Investigating thoughts and behaviors with curiosity and kindness, not harsh judgment. We will focus on the process, not perfection. Instead of being critical with yourself, you will learn to fill your heart with patience and understanding. Self-compassion is an important part of this journey. 

I believe in inclusiveness. 

I offer a safe, judgment-free space that is weight-inclusive and trauma-informed. All races, religions, and abilities are welcome. Diabetes Connection is a safe, affirming space for all identities and orientations.

I identify as a white, heterosexual cis female and, as a result, have many privileges that I did not earn. I am continually growing and learning as to how this has impacted my life. It is my priority that those I work with will feel cared for, appreciated, and respected. Therefore, I welcome all feedback during our coaching relationship.

The foundation of my practice is based on the principles of Health At Every Size ®, Intuitive Eating ®, and Body Trust ®.

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