Service Agreement

As your coach and educator I agree:

  • To maintain the strictest level of confidentiality with client information, unless release is required by law.

  • To provide up-to-date diabetes education and coaching by remaining current in diabetes research, Standards of Care, certifications, licensing, and updates in medication management.

  • To offer a safe space for client to connect and develop.

  • To ethically speak what I know to be true to client about the potential value of the coaching process. In no way is my service meant to replace the care received by the medical provider. It is the client’s responsibility to continue with medical appointments, the medical treatment plan, and preventative appointments.

As client, you are in agreement with the following:

  • To arrive to the session fully: free of phone, computer or other physical distractions.

  • To notify me in advance if you are unable to keep the day and/or time of our scheduled appt. If late for an appointment, the session may be shortened.

  • Fee for service is expected prior to our initial session for the amount agreed upon by contract.
    Unless you only select our one-and-done program, the fees cover four 60 minute sessions a month. In months with five weeks, one week is off. 


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